Clairaudience – Audio Communication With the Other Side

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Benefits of Clairaudience Clairaudience involves the ability to hear the voice or presence of a spirit. First a word of caution. Hearing voices in your mind may be indicative of a medical condition. So if in doubt, check it out with a professional. And as with all communication with the spirit world, if the messages […]

Automatic Writing – Benefits and How To

Automatic writing

Benefits of Automatic Writing Automatic writing involves the psychic ability to produce written words without conscious thought. Why would you want to do this? The most obvious answer is to allow the writing to be a channel between the unseen realm to our physical realm. Automatic writing is a way to communicate with those who […]

Free Psychic Test To Test and Develop Psychic Abilities


I know that I’m in the middle of writing my series about what psychic abilities exist, how they’re used and how to develop your psychic powers. However, I want to take a break and discuss the free psychic test that is available on the home page of Psychic Smarts. Psychic Smarts is offering the first […]

How to Develop Psychic Abilities (Pt. 3)

Developing psychic abilities

Here’s part 3 of our How to Develop Psychic Abilities series. This will be the last blog regarding definitions of the most common psychic terms. The next blogs will focus on the practical uses for these abilities. Then the last series of blogs will focus on how to develop those abilities so you can increase […]

How to Develop Psychic Abilities (Pt. 2)

Unlock Your Mind

Here’s part 2 of our How to Develop Psychic Abilities series. I’m continuing to define the most important aspects of psychic development. So here goes… Clairvoyance: Involves the ability to transcend physical reality and be able to communicate with the non-physical world. This includes communicating with entities, spirits, universal mind, etc. Clairvoyance is the basis of […]